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What's make a man


What makes a man?

We know that young men can find it hard to express themselves. We want to help guys talk about the things that matter to them, from feelings, emotions and relationships, to the things that drive them. So we’ve created ‘Men in Progress’, a series of videos where we talk to a group of very different guys and explore what masculinity means to them.


We look at what drives guys to succeed. Super-Heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua, Rugby League player Keegan Hirst and former Celtic footballer Bobby Petta share what pushes them when they’re on the field or in the ring. For them, it’s about being the best. About winning. But is this the only thing worth getting fired-up for? What do you think? 

You need to know that you’re going to give it your all, but that I am better than you.

Man in white T-shirt


We asked gay, bi, trans and straight men whether sexuality has an impact on perceptions of masculinity. Keegan Hirst, trans YouTube star Jamie Raines and other men share their experiences, and explain the impact their sexuality or gender identity has had on their perception of their own masculinity. They talk candidly about the impact of supressing their true selves had on them, and what happened when they set themselves free.

Because I was in denial about being gay, I thought I can’t be who I am.

Rugby player on stool

Like Father, Like Son

Finally, we explore one of the most important relationships in any guy’s life, the one he has with his dad. As well as exploring how some of our guys felt when they became dads themselves.

We get closer and closer the older I get.

Father and son talking

The guys in our videos are all individuals; they all have their own special brand of magic, and their own unique opinions. Do you agree with what you’ve heard them say, or do you think something entirely different? Use the hashtag #findyourmagic, and share your thoughts with rest of the Lynx community.