Crowd at Concert

What to do, and not to do, at live music concerts



Live entertainment is an experience like nothing else. Listening to music at a concert, in the front row, amps blaring and your favorite band on stage - few things beat it! Others can be a real downer on the vibe though. You know the guy: the one who films everything by holding up his phone so you can’t see a thing, leers at complete strangers, or loudly says the band aren’t as great as they once were. The guy everyone looks at like Seriously? That’s why we’ve made this guide to gig etiquette. It’s all you need to up your gig-going game.

A couple at a concert
  • Do freshen up.


    Want to wow from the get-go? Our deodorants keep you fresh right from the warm-up act to long after the encore. So you can get those arms up in the air, fear-free.

  • Do your hair.


    Your style is your personal brand. Whether you use hair pomade, hair gel, hair putty, or hair wax, we’ve got tips right here on Lynx to get you out the door looking fly.


  • Do dress for the occasion.


    All the gear and no idea? Can’t go wrong with a clean-cut black tee. Then just add your favorite Lynx antiperspirant. Now you can make those dance moves without worrying about white marks and sweat patches.


  • Don't treat it like a hookup bar.


    It’s a gig, not a nightclub. And nothing ruins a guitar solo like a did-he-just-say-that pick-up line.

  • Don't be a music snob.


    If you’re going to moan or critique, why go along if you knew you wouldn’t enjoy it? Save it for the band forums. Or better yet, become a music journalist. 

  • Do dance like no one’s watching.


    Do your thing. Mosh like mad. Or just nod along. Remember: as long as you feel good, you’re looking good too.

  • Do be in the moment.


    The point of live music? It’s live. To be experienced in person. If you have to catch the moment on your screen, don’t block the guy behind you. He’s here to catch the concert, too. And as for busting out a tablet the size of a chopping board… No. Just, no.

  • Do sing along, as loud as you like.


    Your fellow gig-goers don’t care if you sound like a yowling cat or are trained to perfect pitch. No one can hear you and it’s your passion that really matters.

  • Don’t humblebrag.


    You’re stoked to be here. We get it. But the more you tweet/Facebook/Snapchat about it, the more obvious it is that you’re not really watching the gig! Sure, post a picture but remember why you’re there in the first place #imwiththeband.