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Men in Progress, Keegan Hirst


Man Up?

We know that young men can find it hard to express themselves. We want to help guys talk about the things that matter to them, from feelings, emotions and relationships, to the things that drive them. So we’ve created ‘Men in Progress’, a series of videos where we talk to a group of very different guys and explore what masculinity means to them.



The guys talk about what masculinity means to them. How masculine do they feel, and who do they think represents a masculine ideal? The range of opinions are as different as the guys themselves. Do you agree with what’s been said, or is your point of view entirely different?

I think masculinity is as individual as our fingerprints.

Man in suit on stool

Body Image

We take a look at how body image shapes our perception of ourselves – exploring whether male beauty is more than skin deep. Is there an ‘ideal’ look for a guy to have, or is it what’s inside that drives us? In this video, we hear from some girls, and get an insight in to what their ideal man’s body is – how does this stand-up to some of the comments we’ve given girls in the past? 

There’s an ideal of how a man should look, and I really try to meet that bar

Man in suit and flat cap


What’s in a name or, to be precise, what’s in a nickname. What impact can a nickname have – especially if it’s based on a physical characteristic, or one you really don’t love? Are nicknames, whatever they are, things to be loved or loathed?

It tests your ability to cope.

Man smiling with beard

The guys in our videos are all individuals; they all have their own special brand of magic, and their own unique opinions. Do you agree with what you’ve heard them say, or do you think something entirely different? Use the hashtag #findyourmagic, and share your thoughts with rest of the Lynx community.