Home Expression Series The YOK + Sheryo Signature Style Fragrances

LYNX is undergoing a transformation with upgraded packaging and new styling products being added to the range to help guys in Australia express themselves authentically. To mark the occasion we created the LYNX Expression Series. The series uncovers Australian artists renowned for expressing themselves in their own unique style.

The Yok (originally from Perth, now living in NYC) and Sheryo are street artists well known for producing large scale works around the world featuring animals transformed into fantastical creatures. For Series One of the LYNX Expression Series, LYNX invited the duo to transform the brand's latest outdoor advertising in a way that's true to their authentic vision. Play the video to see how it came together.

The Yok & Sheryo exhibit and paint all over the world – including Mexico, NYC, LA, London and Australia.

"The new upgraded range of everyday fragrances provided inspiration and the canvas."

The artists also crafted up individual characters based on the billboard artwork. The characters were based on the products in the range and rendered in the artist's signature style.

The characters were printed onto a limited run of exclusive t-shirts and special edition silk screen posters.

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