Home Expression Series LUCA IONESCU Modernises Our Fragrance

The LYNX Expression Series uncovers Australian artists renowned for expressing themselves in their own unique style.

Luca Ionescu runs Like Minded Studio – a design house renowned for custom typography and graphic art in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

To commemorate the release of the new Dark & Gold Temptation daily fragrances Luca explored the theme of temptation, using the newly designed bodyspray cans as a canvas. The creative process spanned traditional hand drawn sketches and 2D + 3D computer generated artwork – ultimately producing a pair of intricate 3D printed sculptures that let him express his signature style through a new medium.

I like to take something classic and modernise it. Like a period piece of type – I'll process that and reinterpret it

The new Dark & Gold fragrances provided a thematic springboard and a canvas

As part of the discovery journey Luca produced a flat type piece with the separate Dark & Gold motifs artfully intertwined by an ambigram of the word “temptation”.

The ambigram artwork was printed by the team at Avon Graphics using foil embellishments and embossing to bring out the beauty in temptation.