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Trent Kusters

Trent Kusters

What do you do?

Basically just heaps of stuff in and around video games. I founded a video game development collective called League of Geeks. We’re currently working on our debut game, Armello. I’m also the chair of Freeplay, Australia’s longest running and largest independent games festival. I also teach writing for games at the Victorian College of the Arts and consult to a bunch of organisations. So, yeah, video games.

Where do you live?

Brunswick, Victoria. I live in an apartment complex called the Commons, designed by Breathe Architecture, it’s an incredible example of sustainable construction and living. Breathe are an inspiring firm doing incredible things in the architecture scene. Not just with design, but rewriting the rulebook on the way projects are actually funded.

Any claim to fame?

I was in the Pokemon Trading Card TV commercial when I was a kid. One day I’ll find a nice woman who’s totally impressed by that.

How do you express yourself?

I express myself largely in my work and the manner in which I go about achieving those goals. My day-to-day interactions with all of my collaborators. I also find it important to exhibit a personal style (the way that I dress, groom, my tattoos, etc) that is a signifier of the type of person I am too.

Trent Kusters

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

Sure. It certainly paints an image of my interest in design and execution, but perhaps most importantly where I’ve come from. It’s subtle, I mean, I don’t wear anything outrageous, but I also think about everything I put on each day and how it’s worn. Your look is an externalisation of who you are, right? For someone looking at me on the street or meeting me for the first time, although they may not pick up on everything, all those small details and subtleties add up to tell a story of my interests, what I stand for and my likely persona.

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

Two things; I wear a silver chain around my neck. On it is a pendant of Han Solo in carbonite from The Empire Strikes Back. It’s from a rad little boutique jeweller called Corky St Clair, in Melbourne. Also, a woven black shoelace I wear around my wrist. There’s a brilliance in its simplicity. It’s an example of a subtle cue. Almost unnoticeable, but in concert with everything else it contributes something key to my style. Both were gifts from someone especially dear to me.

Favourite Bar?

Amelia Shaw on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

Favourite place to eat?

Maedaya Sake & Grill on Bridge Rd in Richmond

What music are you listening to?

Gem Club. Moody piano and vocals from Massachusetts.

Trent Kusters