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Tony Vacher

Tony Vacher

What do you do?

I’m a barber and a hairdresser, and owner of both Sterling and Sterling Apothecary.

Where do you live?

Earlwood, Sydney.

What inspires you?

Vidal SassoonRaymond Bessone, my team, my friends, my wife, my son and mostly right now my new baby girl.

How do you express yourself?

In my work and the environments I create for me and my team to apply our trade.

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

Of course. I’ve been dressing the way I do now for the past 30 odd years. It’s not fashion – it’s fashionable at the moment – but when it’s not, I’ll be unfashionable and I’m comfortable with that.

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

Any of my watches, I’m completely undressed and lost without one on.

What are the style trends for 2015?

Still classic but longer hair a little more 60s and a lot less beards.

Tony Vacher

Got body art? What do you love about it?

I’ve been getting tattooed since I was much too young, I’m really badly dyslexic, I don’t keep a diary, all my tattoos depict a time and a place in my life. I have tattoos in dedication to both my mum and my dad. I have my dad’s army number on my arm, My dad had Alzheimer’s and at one point just before he died this was all he could remember about his past.

Favourite Bar?


Favourite place to eat?


Where are your favourite places to shop?

Pickings and parry , maple , and sorry to say ebay

What music are you listening to?

C.W. Stoneking, Mojo Juju, Sinatra, jazz, swing, blues, and bluegrass.

Who has more style: Sydney or Melbourne?

I know some seriously stylish people from both cities, I think in Melbourne the climate allows you to dress all year round but it doesn’t make Sydney less stylish.

Tony Vacher