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Tom Supple

Tom Supple

What do you do?

I run my own business Supple Fox with my business partner Hannah Fox. We are a creative agency working to provide creative direction, music programming, design and production support for artists, festivals, brands and arts institutions.

Where do you live?

I live in North Melbourne. It is one of my favourite suburbs in inner city Melbourne. I have lived there in various rental properties for the last 6 or 7 years. It feels like living in a country town next to the city. Most of the arterial roads go around the suburb so people don’t tend to pass through on their way somewhere else, so it’s super quiet. There has been a number of great cafes that have opened in the last few years – my favourite is Twenty and six Espresso and it’s home of the best pub in Melbourne – The Town Hall Hotel.

What inspires you?

Topographic maps, limp handshakes, the TV show Blue Healers, Hot Bron! and isosceles triangles.

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

I think I definitely have a personal sense of style – but I have often described my attitude towards to what I wear as similar to that of a Smurf. I have a basic uniform that doesn’t really change. Unlike a Smurf, there are a few variations… Winter is black jeans, black tshirt, black hoodie, leather jacket and black boots. Summer is raw selvedge denim and a white t-shirt, striped t-shirt or bonds singlet. Along with a black suit when the occasion necessitates it… that is pretty much where I live.


Tom Supple

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

A leather jacket that I bought at a garage sale in Bondi around 2008. It was a really hot day – around 30 degrees and I had to wear/carry the jacket all day through the heat… but it was worth it. It only cost $15 and I have worn it every winter since.

What are the style trends for 2015?

The ongoing development of the male hipster uniform which seems to have transitioned from the urban woodsman, to hipsters of the Caribbean in recent times and in 2015 may well progress to some kind of ironic shamanic camel herding wizard vibe…

Is there an “Australian style” for men?

Australian men tend to take cues from what is happening internationally and put a slight twist on it, but I don’t think there is a true “Australian style”… unless you count the archetypal singlet, stubbies and thongs?

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Our office is opposite Uniqlo – hard to go past a plain white or black tshirt for $7.90

What music are you listening to?

The artists I keep coming back to at the moment are: The Haxan Cloak, Pallbearer, The WeekendKendrick Lamar, ARCA, and local band Footy.

Tom Supple