Dan Boud

Sean McManus

What do you do?

I am the head barista and beverage manager at "single origin roasters"

Where do you live?

Rushcutter Bay, the beauty of the yacht club multiculturally mixed with the mayhem of The Cross!!

Any claim to fame?

2014 NSW Barista Champion 3rd place, 2014 Australian Aeropress Champion 3rd place, 2015 NSW Brewers Cup Champion 2nd place. And, recently voted top 5 in Australian Best Baristas. So if you’re a coffee geek… yeah I’m doing alright!

How do you express yourself?

I’m loud… slightly eccentric and love hugs… no shit! And i swear a lot. Sometimes I think I like being covered in hair and tattoos just so I can be the complete opposite to the stereotype!

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

Not really, I rarely wear anything but black… not because i want to be scary or goth or rock n roll, but because I love how timeless, classic and effortless it can be. If I were to wear something that was my personality, it should be fucking bright orange with white splattered paint!

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

Mmm that’s hard! Either my Docs! Or my Alexander Wang pants!!! So comfy!

What are the style trends for 2015?

I really think Japanese influence will take over… like an urban ninja! Black on black on black… draped in fine vintage coats and slightly baggy-er pants and looser clothing… with a mobster twist! And sportsluxe! Haha!

Is there an “Australian style” for men?

Not really! Unless you are counting Sydney women wearing yoga clothes on the days they don’t do yoga and guys wearing tight black washed jeans that are ¾ rolled with vans and a baggy shirt… kinda surfy hobo chic… cant wait for that shit to end!!!

Got a beard? What’s with the beard?

Started growing it 3 years ago… was a bit of a piss take with a mate because one of our favourite Melbourne bands (The Brothers Grimm) was coming to visit at the end of November and the lead singer has a massive kick ass beard (way before beards were cool) and every fucker was doing Movember so we thought we would grow beards in a salute to him and a kick in the face to everyone growing a mo and not raising money! And then i met my spouse (Sophia Rambaldini) and now she swears if i shave it, I’m out on the streets… Jokes! (but maybe).

Favourite bar?

Mmm either Tios or Cliff Dive

Favourite place to eat?

Sake in The Rocks or fly me to San Sebastian in Spain and i would never return.