Dan Boud

Rhys Nicholson

What do you do?

I make people pay me money to stand in front of them and talk about my penis and other peoples penises….I am a comedian.

Where do you live?

Glebe, Sydney

Any claim to fame?

A five year old me features in the video clip of the first single from semi famous and since broken up band Machine Gun Fellatio. I’m in it for like three second RIGHT at the end.

What inspires you?

Those old, old ladies living in rent controlled houses since the 60’s who still smoke and still get done up to the nines to go to the bank. Yes please.

How do you express yourself?

My mouth and my bow ties.

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

I sure hope so. Otherwise I have wasted a bunch of cash.

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

I have five pairs of those super cheap Asos black super skinny jeans. You can’t go wrong.

Is there an “Australian style” for men?

I think we are a bit of everything. It’s like cultural bric-a-brac. We have some of the best dressed as well as some whack shit. I think we have come forward a bunch in the last 5–10 years even. I can walk around looking like Tilda Swinton and Pee-Wee Herman's hate child and not get lynched. We’re getting better.

Favourite Bar?

I have two: Eau De Vie because it's expensive and The Sydney Comedy Store because it's free.

Favourite place to eat?

Ms. G's Potts Point.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Jack London, Asos, Harolds, Kmart and Target.

What music are you listening to?

Talking Heads Stop Making Sense Live.

Who has more style: Sydney or Melbourne?

I think Melbourne has too much style for it’s own good. Calm down Melbourne. Sydney has found the right medium.