Dan Boud

Hannah Fox

What do you do?

I’m the Creative Director at Supple Fox which is a partnership between Tom Supple and I specialising in music programming, artistic direction and event design for Festivals, brands and artists.

Where do you live?

Brunswick, Melbourne.

Any claim to fame?

I have worked on lots of weird and wonderful projects, some with some famous people but always behind the scenes, which is where I like to be. I once met Madonna and tried to be cool about it and then she spoke to me and the 10 year old in me exploded with excitement and I was very uncool about it.

How do you express yourself?

Through the medium of dance? Just kidding, not really. I guess my work is a form of self-expression, which is often combined with the vision of others and that makes it more of a challenge and more rewarding.

What’s the one article of clothing you can’t live without?

Good sunglasses and a pair of heels are the two things that I really never leave the house without. I recently invested in some prada sunglasses, which I love in an almost unhealthy way.

What are the style trends for 2015?

I am hoping that beards go away as a thing and this era of retro obsession we seem to be living in moves on to something more creative and forward looking.

Is there an "Australian style" for men?

My dad had a pretty good look going on in the 70’s, which was moleskin trousers, a white shirt, RM Williams boots and a ginger afro. That to me is a quintessential Australian man look. It’s good to see a bit of that British influence coming in to the Australian style and men being able to dress more flamboyantly without judgement. It drives me insane when you see grown men and their toddlers in matching outfits – crocs, shorts and t-shirt – if you and your 3 year old are dressed the same, go home and change man!

Favourite Bar?


Favourite place to eat?

Bar Idda.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Mostly online because I hate trying things on and don’t actually enjoy the process of shopping, just the outcome! I do like vintage stores though and spend a fair bit of time in American Rag and markets.

What music are you listening to?

Currently obsessed with Arca, Courtney Barnett, FKA Twigs (who isn’t!) and lots of old soul and blues.