Dan Boud

Charlie Ryan

Charlie Ryan standing in a tree

What do you do?

Cultivator of design at Five Creative.

Where do you live?

South Yarra, VIC.

Any claim to fame?

I was commissioned to do Prince’s portrait a couple of years ago.

What inspires you?

My family. My friends. Colour. Australia. Travel. And Twisties.

How do you express yourself?

Through my design, art, social media. And giant bear hugs.

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

Sure. I only wear what I want to wear. This is freedom. And freedom is happiness.

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

My RM Williams.

Charlie Ryan walking on a log

Charlie Ryan smashing a pack of Twisties

What are the style trends for 2015?

Get yourself a ‘The Horse’ watch.

Got a beard? What’s with the Beard?

I didn’t at the time of the photo shoot. But I had my skin checked for Melanoma and got the ‘all clear’. And now I have a beard. Visit: www.beardseason.com.au / www.isft.com.au and go and get your skin checked with your mates.

Favourite Bar?

Speakeasy Kitchen Bar (South Yarra), Sweetwater Inn (South Yarra) and The White Horse (Parsons Green, London).

Favourite place to eat?

Valentino (Hawksburn), Pound (South Yarra), The Way To San Jose (McKinnon), The Grounds of Alexandria (Alexandria).

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Country RoadAquilaTienda (Albert Park), Plane (Windsor) and Shelley Panton (Prahran).

What music are you listening to?

The Harpoons, Banoffee, Chet Faker, Cut Copy, Sun Kil Moon and Fleetwood Mac.

Who has more style: Sydney or Melbourne?

Both. Equally. Melbourne and Sydney have their own unique styles that suit the different ways of life… and climate.