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Brian White

Brian White

What do you do?

I am the Sydney Key Account Manager for Levi Strauss.

Where do you live?

I presently reside in Bondi.

How do you express yourself?

I suppose it is through what I wear. Being an account manager for a denim brand I need to represent the DNA of the brand through how I look and dress every day.

Does what you wear reflect your personality?

Naturally, how I dress is an expression of my personality. I am a pretty chilled and relaxed guy, just like the fit of my jeans or chinos. I am confident in myself and the way I look but I may change my style of dress from day to day as this reflects the difference influences on my life growing up in London.

What article of clothing can’t you live without?

A classic white crew neck t-shirt. It is the best layering piece under a shirt to keep you warm in the cold or simply throw on by itself when it is hot. It will pretty much go with any bottoms if you have a classic fit.

Brian White

Is there an “Australian style” for men?

There is definitely an “Australian style” for men where I think most guys are afraid to stray too far from what their mates/peers think is acceptable. Coming from London this is completely different as I am used to seeing a great diversity of styles that reflect the personality of the individual, not the wider group. I suppose this is another example of tall poppy syndrome. Anyone who stands out too much is quickly cut down. That said there is a simplicity that is practical for the warmer climate and it doesn’t change much from year to year. There is a very mature denim market with clued up consumers and some great local brands who really know their consumer. This is great for me working for the original denim brand where the core product has not changed much in 141 years.

Favourite Bar?

The Cricketers Arms.

Favourite place to eat?

JamVybZ in Glebe for a little taste of home.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Fabrique Vintage (Redfern), Collective Ensemble (Newtown) and Cream (Surry Hills) to get my vintage fix.

What music are you listening to?

Nicollete, Tricky, Boards of Canada and Portishead. I have been reminiscing about the 90s and wasted Sunday nights at Frigid in Newtown by listening trip hop.

Who has more style: Sydney or Melbourne?

I will probably be deported for saying this but it has to be Melbourne. There is definitely more diversity in style down there as well as more diverse and progressive stores to cater for it.

Brian White